Engaging in New Models of Care

One Health Quality Alliance is a clinically integrated network formed between Adventist HealthCare and area providers. Through this collaboration, One Health Quality Alliance aims to improve the health of patient populations and communities, while enhancing the patient experience and reducing the costs of health care.

Advantages of One Health Quality Alliance
  • No Exclusivity:
    Practices can continue to contract with payors outside of network. The only limit is that no payor contract negotiations are to be conducted simultaneously with network negotiations. Practices may participate in Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs or other activities that do not obligate practices’ Tax ID number to joint commercial payor contracts. Furthermore, participating physicians have no limitations on the ability to admit patients to non-Adventist HealthCare facilities.
  • Low Fees:
    One Health offers a minimal annual participation flat fee for infrastructure support (not tied to collections). There are no fee payments until after first network contract is successfully negotiated. There are no additional participation fees.
  • Billing Structure:
    Practices maintain and continue to use own Tax ID number and current billing
  • Revenue Stream:
    Practices retain control over their own revenue stream and contracting.
  • Electronic Health Record:
    Practices retain their own EMR systems. One Health will establish a data feed for information sharing and analysis toward helping practices enhance performance.
  • IT Support:
    Practices receive support for data reporting and meeting Meaningful Use requirements.
  • Practice Management and Decision-Making:
    Practices maintain own identity, operational structure and staffing structure. Practice management and decision-making remains internal.
  • Group Benefits:
    Practices have future opportunities to pursue group benefits such as malpractice, health insurance or other group purchasing, if they so choose.
  • Barriers to Exit:
    Practices do not need to re-credential or re-negotiate with all payors if they choose to exit One Health, since existing infrastructure, Tax ID, payor credentialing, and payor contracts are retained.
  • Notification Period for Ending Participation:
    Participating practices can exit the network with four months’ notice.

One Health Quality Alliance Clinically Integrated Network

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